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We want to start by thanking you, whoever you are, for taking the time to read this and be a part of our adoption journey. This process, from the beginning, has brought out many emotions in us both. It has been both stressful and exciting, sad and happy, devastating and rewarding. We have already learned a great deal about ourselves and our relationship, and every day we become more and more certain of how much we want this. We cannot wait to be parents and to build our beautiful family together. 

For those who don’t know, here is a little bit about us, our relationship, and why we are here today: 

Colin and I met way back in the sixth grade and went to school together in Highlands Ranch right up until we graduated high school. We went different ways for college and for a few years after, but then reconnected in 2014. We went on our first date in May of that year and there was an immediate connection. We talked for hours and literally began falling in love that very night. We had our second date two days later and we never looked back. We have been through so much together and we are the very best of friends. 

We began building our life together in 2015 when Colin proposed in my favorite place, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho – on a boat on the lake to be specific. I never hesitated for even a second. I knew from our first date that he was my person, and he felt the same. We had our beautiful wedding in May of 2016, and as obvious as it sounds, it was truly the greatest day of our lives. 

Since our wedding we have just been enjoying each other and married life. We live in a perfect house in Highlands Ranch that we have made into a beautiful, cozy home. Colin and I love spending time together no matter what we are doing, but we especially enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. Colin’s parents, as well as my parents and two of my brothers, live in Colorado and we are blessed to be able to spend frequent time with all of them. We also spend some time every summer in Northern Idaho on the Coeur d’Alene river enjoying friends and family. We usually visit in the winter as well and spend the holidays with my brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew. 

Colin and I are always happy when we are spending time with our own little family that includes the two of us and our two fur babies Charlie and Casey. Charlie is our eight-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Casey is our six-year-old Border Collie/Heeler mix. We love them both so much and we really enjoy being outside with them, going on walks, taking them on trips, and just lounging around the house and snuggling with our pups! 

As you can probably tell family is incredibly important to us, and Colin and I have both known from the beginning that we wanted to create a family of our own. We have also always known that becoming parents was going to be a struggle. I begin tearing up as I write this because my own, personal struggle began long before Colin and I got together, and it continues today. In 2010 I was diagnosed with endometriosis after having consistent, around-the-clock, severe pelvic pain. It got worse by the day, and I went on to have multiple surgeries to try and remove the endometriosis and decrease the pain, but to no avail. The pain continued and became unbearable, affecting every aspect of my personal and professional life. In 2014, I was told that a full hysterectomy would rid me of my pain for good. This was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. The thought of giving up my God-given ability to bear my own children was almost the most terrifying thing I could think of… second only to the thought of continuing my life in so much pain. Ultimately, I decided that I couldn’t take it any longer and I went forward with the full hysterectomy surgery. This was the most difficult time in my life for many reasons, some that many of you know about and for those who don’t, you will read about all of this in another blog post. I began to heal from this surgery and for roughly a year after surgery, I was pain free. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. When I began hormone replacement therapy, the endometriosis was triggered and flared up all over again. Since then, I have been dealing with continued pain which has required treatment from multiple doctors including another surgery, pain management, physical therapy, chronic pain counseling and a variety of others. Though it’s not as severe as it once was, I do still deal with daily pain today. However, I have learned to cope in much healthier ways and I have an amazing support system which includes MANY of you who are reading this now. To all of you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Regardless of these struggles and my inability to have my own biological children, Colin and I were never willing to give up our dreams of becoming parents. We knew there were other ways and we have always believed that adoption is exactly what we were meant for. Not only do we want to be parents, but we also feel extremely blessed that we may be able to give unconditional love and a joyful life to a child that might not otherwise have it. Colin and I are both undeniably drawn to the idea of being a father and a mother and doing it together. We want to bring a child into our wonderful, crazy family and share the many joyous experiences that we had as children as well as those we have now. We are excited to grow our family and take our child on all of our outings and adventures. We genuinely long to hold our child, to comfort them, to love them, play with them. We are also ready and prepared for the challenges of raising our child including simple things like late night feedings and diaper changes, but also the more difficult things like discipline and problems that arise with milestones. We know that it will sometimes be painful, like dealing with watching them grow too fast and sending them off to school. We are ready for it all and for a lifetime. 

We cannot wait for this dream to become a reality, and it would absolutely not be possible without the love and support of our “tribe”. We appreciate all your kindness and generosity more than you will ever know. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our journey and become a part of it.

Emma, Colin, Charlie and Casey
Playful Wedding Photo
Emma, Colin, Charlie and Casey at the River
Emma, Colin, Harrison and Abby

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